Welcome to the Taniwha

Waikato River Trails
3 November 2018

See what the Taniwha is all about!

This event celebrates the hard work of the Waikato River Trails Trust over the past 13 years in developing 100km of top quality trails - most of it on previously inaccessible land along the mighty Waikato River. 

The trails wind their way through all the faces of New Zealand’s natural beauty - native bush, exotic forest, historic landmarks, geological formations, open reserves, boardwalks over wetlands, and stunning single track - taking in expansive lake and river views throughout. 

Come and join us on Saturday 4th November to take on as much of the stunning Waikato River Trails as you want - on foot, on two wheels, as an individual, or as a team! There's something for every age, ability, and fitness level.

View our event course videos to get a feel for what to look forward to.

Entries open on April 30 2018!


'Waikato Taniwharau - he piko he taniwha he piko he taniwha' ... on every bend of the Waikato River is a guardian.